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Produx: Localized Ecommerce Store

  Produx , the multi brand Ecommerce store based at Coimbatore is set to take off as a local online sales platform for small and medium shops/stores, dealers, manufacturers and business owners. This Ecommerce website offers a simple-to-set-up Brand Store for each of these businesses and enables them to sell outright without even knowing the nitty gritty of Online Marketing and Ecommerce Sales. The Ecommerce Marketing Strategy of Produx is its biggest target audience outreach plan through Offline Marketing methods especially through millions of handouts and thousands of wall posters. The offline-to-online sales promotion of EMART EVENTURES, the promoting company of Produx will soon be backed by its Customer Rewards and Loyalty Program ReGET   which is expected to turn heads and eyebrows. The short-run and long-run Ecommerce strategy of Produx includes Digital Marketing and Content Marketing through extensive campaigns in Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , YouTube , LinkedIn , Blogs , Sto
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Produx: Your Local E commerce Store

Now Ecommerce gets Local, thanks to Produx

  With most online shopping websites commonly used to target and serve large geographical areas such as a State, Country or the entire world to achieve large scale coverage and sales eventually, on the contrary in its re-positioning strategy decides to focus on neighbourhood localities. That is to become Online Local Market Place . The official news release of EMART EVENTURES, the parent firm, states Produx – the Ecommerce website’s strategy is going to be strong local coverage. To this effect, the website attracts local shop keepers and customers alike. The company further avers that Produx would serve to fill the demand-supply gap in the retail segment which has been formed as a result of lockdown due to corona virus spread. provides the local retailers an online sales platform to display their products so that the local customers can just choose and place orders without having to come out of the homes during the Co-Vid-19 restrictions period. In Produx, c

Coimbatore based EMART EVENTURES introduces Ecommerce Solutions for Local Area Stores

EMART EVENTURES - the Online Marketing firm from Coimbatore, having seen a great potential for Online Sales in the Corona stricken period has introduced special package for Neighbourhood Stores. According to this Company’s source, local retailers, dealers and distributors perceive a real need to go online for very sustenance and increasing sales. With the consuming public very sceptic about going for physical shopping, they too want a real local online store that sells all those they have been buying regularly buying at local neighbourhood stores at the same or even lesser prices whose income have also taken a hit by corona scare. This shopping cart plan for local retail stores and shops by EMART EVENTURES helps the small to medium business owners to capitalize on the branding, trust and loyalty they ready built and created over the years in their respective locality. Prominent gains among the several advantages that the local merchants get from listing in online stores include t

Ecommerce Website Produx Reaches Out to Local Stores to Set Up Online Stores

  The multi-vendor Ecommerce website sets its eyes on local merchants with a view to capitalize on these sellers need to find quick and cost-effective way to regain lost sales volumes and to attract new customer bases to back to at least its earlier state. An Ecommerce venture of EMART EVENTURES, Produx sells everything from essentials to luxury goods and services including homes and villas in its website. The move by Produx to strengthen the local shops by enabling them to sell their goodies and wares online will be seen as a big encouragement to boost local businesses especially during this social restrictions imposed due to corona scare. Produx with this significant attempt strives to reach out to local stores across several districts in India starting with Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. Though the primary focus of Produx gets to be on attracting local sellers of essential products, eventually it plans to rope in other category products and also services. The broad lis

Multi-pronged Approach by Ecommerce Website Produx to Gear Up Marketing

The multi-category multi-brand Ecommerce website Produx is re-launching with a new vigour . The decade and a half old Coimbatore based EMART EVENTURES , the promoter of Produx website takes to multi-faceted Digital Marketing Strategy to breakthrough marketing clutter and gear up its branding and subscription drives for  Produx's re-launch.  EMART EVENTURES , the promoting company of Produx , also owns the websites such as (the Company’s Flagship website), (Coimbatore Search Engine), (Pan-India Business Directory) and (Global Directory), – Offers & Deals Directory and (Business Network Builder Website). The Company is set to use all of its online properties to strengthen  the marketing efforts of, its own Ecommerce venture. In the cross-platform strategy, a Brand/Seller who lists in the Ecommerce website Produx gets listing and branding opportunity across multiple online